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Employer Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What size businesses do you assist?

We help ALL size businesses. Whether or not you are recruiting your first employee or have successfully hired thousands - give us a call!

Q. Are there any hidden fees?

No! Your flat fee rate is based on your number of employees. It includes advertising, prescreening, interviewing, employment verification, and a national criminal background check. There are no additional fees!


Q. What happens if the person we hire does not work out?

We offer a 30 day guarantee…if you hire someone and they do not work out in the first 30 days, we will replace that person at no additional cost.


Q. When do we get billed?

You do NOT pay us until you hire someone through our company.

Q. Why are your fees so LOW?

We believe that recruiting does not have to be an expensive burden for businesses. We want to assist you with finding quality employees for less. WHY pay MORE???

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